“Bee Safe! Bee Respectful!

Bee Responsible!”

All Settings

All Classrooms





Bee Safe 

Work, Play and Travel Safely

Keep to your 

own space

Use materials safely and just as the adult says

Stay in your area correctly

Stay in your seat

Sit in chairs correctly with chair legs on the floor

Wash hands

Report problems

in the bathroom

Walk on the right-hand side

Listen to adults

Follow bus rules and adult directions

Stay seated while the bus is moving

Bee Respectful

Use a kind tone, words, and behavior 

Respect others’ things

Focus on learning

Follow directions 

Use an inside voice

Listen when others speak

Do what adults tell you to do

Use “good manners” when eating

Talk nicely:

Talk after you eat

Use an inside voice

Only talk to people at your table

Take care of yourself 

as you use the bathroom, wash your hands, and leave

Keep the bathroom clean

Do not interrupt classes as you walk by

Use a very quiet inside voice if you must

Listen to the bus driver

Use nice language

Share seats: make room for those next to you

Keep your body and belongings inside the bus

Bee Responsible 

 Take care of yourself and your things

Clean up after yourself

Do your best

Have your pencil and anything needed to learn

Take care of your computer, books, and all things

Enter quietly

Be careful as you get your lunch

Clean up your area and your body

Throw away trash

Flush the toilet

Throw trash in appropriate receptacles

Walk straight where you need to go

Keep your hands to yourself and not on the walls

Enter and exit in an orderly fashion

Stay in your seat

Report any incidents

Monthly Focus






September and January- All Rules

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